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privacy train –
eLearning solution

Web based trainings for data protection, information security and compliance

Is data protection, information security and compliance stale and boring in your opinion? It’s all a matter of presentation!

If you want to train your employees and yourself on these subjects, then our eLearning courses are just what you need: privacy train tells interactive stories of everyday situations in the office or at home to convey the training content in a clear and practical way. Participants accompany our protagonists Alice, Bob, Fred, Klara and Co. through their daily work routine and help them to avoid data mishaps and other tricky situations.

Whether it’s the basics or in-depth knowledge such as handling customer data, working safely from home, social engineering or fire protection: With privacy train you will playfully create awareness among your employees for more compliance, information security and data protection in accordance with the relevant laws (e.g. the GDPR). Would you like to integrate your brand logo or your own content into a training course? We will gladly take care of your customising needs.

You will find detailed information about our eLearning on this page. Everything else we can discuss in person. Our team is happy to address any questions you may have in a personal chat or via contact form.

We’re looking forward to your inquiry.

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    Privacy notice: We treat your data confidential. You can find more information about data processing in our privacy policy.


    Check out our privacy train trailer!


    Click on an image to start a demo version of the course.

    Data Privacy Training

    Comprehensive data protection awareness for all target groups and industries.

    Employee Data

    For HR departments and managers with personnel responsibilities.

    Customer Data & Marketing

    Advanced training on data privacy for sales, marketing and purchasing departments.

    Security Awareness Training

    Comprehensive information security awareness for all target groups and industries.


    Create awareness of phishing attacks.

    Working From Home Safely

    How to handle sensitive information while working from home and on the move.

    Social Engineering

    Create awareness of fraud attempts.

    Basic Training Compliance

    Comprehensive information security awareness for all target groups and industries.

    Fighting Corruption

    Anti-corruption basics for all target groups and industries.

    Geldwäsche EN

    Fighting Money Laundering

    Anti-money laundering basics for obligated parties under the GWG.

    Fire Protection

    Create awareness of fire behavior and fire prevention.

    Optional services

    Make privacy train your LMS (Learning Management System) and use our training platform for your own training courses or third-party SCORM courses. SCORM (Shareable Content Object Reference Model) is the leading standard for exchangeable electronic learning content.

    Do you want to customise your training content or would you like to see your brand logo in the courses or in the virtual classroom? No problem! Let’s talk about your ideas and we will create an individual solution for you.

    Do you usually use PowerPoint presentations for training purposes? We can convert your slides into interactive eLearning courses. Optionally, we can have your training courses voiced over by our team of professional speakers.


    Customer feedback

    Try privacy train!

    Would you like to see more of privacy train? No problem! With a free and non-binding test account you can try out full versions of our courses. We are happy to set up a test account for you on request. Please do not hesitate to contact us:

    If you use our data privacy management system privacy port, you can also view the training courses conveniently in our showroom. Simply log in to privacy port, enlarge the info bar on the right-hand side of the screen and click on “go to privacy train showroom”.

    Check out our privacy train demos!

    Click on an image to start the demo.


    Step 1: Choose your licence type

    Basic Licence
    • Provision of the course content as a weblink without training status.
    • User management No
    • Logging of the training statuss No
    • Personal training certificates No
    • Evaluation of the training status of all participants No
    • The course module remembers the processing status No
    LMS Licence
    • Provision of the courses via the privacy train training platform.
    • User management Yes
    • Logging of the training status Yes
    • Personal training certificates Yes
    • Evaluation of the training status of all participants Yes
    • The course module remembers the processing status Yes
    SCORM Licence
    • Provision of the courses in SCORM format for use in your training system.
    • User management In your training system
    • Logging of the training status In your training system
    • Personal training certificates In your training system
    • Evaluation of the training status of all participants In your training system
    • The course module remembers the processing status Yes

    Step 2: Calculate the licence fees

    Use our price calculator to view a list of our licence fees. First enter the number of participants and then select the desired licence type from the drop-down menu.

    The prices shown are annual prices plus VAT. At the end of a year, the licence is automatically renewed for another year unless it is cancelled three months in advance. You can change your course selection at the start of a new licence year.

    Frequently asked questions

    eLearning or e-learning is the abbreviation of “electronic learning”, which is a form of training that uses electronic or digital media to present or deliver the learning content.

    We use eLearning as a modern form of training in which the content is conveyed with the help of interactive online courses. As a participant, you decide yourself when and where you want to be trained! You get personal access to the system and can complete the training course conventiently and independently in the browser window. It is important to us that you enjoy your online learning experience. We therefore ensure that our courses are interesting, interactive, and simple to follow.

    With eLearning, you can train entire departments, sites, or even your entire workforce in a short time and with very little organisational effort. All you need to do is compile a list of participants to be trained and we will take care of the rest! Finding a date where all participants are available is a thing of the past, as is organising training rooms.

    With eLearning, there is no need for commitment to time or place. Participants simply complete the training when and where it suits them. Those who are sick, have an appointment or are on holiday can catch up at a later time. With the LMS licence, training certificates will be generated automatically and made available for download to participants upon completion of a training course.

    We have enriched our courses with many interactive elements and tasks, so it is impossible to just click through them. Participants must actively engage with the content in order to complete the courses.

    To use privacy train, participants need:

    a) an internet-enabled device, for example a laptop, a desktop PC, a tablet (at least iOS8 or Android OS 4.1) or a smartphone (at least iOS8 or Android OS 4.1).

    b) an HTML5-capable internet browser, for example Google Chrome (latest version), Firefox (latest version), Internet Explorer (latest version), Microsoft Edge (latest version) or Safari (latest version).

    The performance of the end device and the bandwidth of the Internet access have an impact on the display speed of our eLearning courses. If you are not sure whether your participants meet these requirements, please contact us.

    Sure, you can test privacy train in advance! Register free of charge for our demo training room and try out our courses at your leisure. Simply click on “New Account Registration” on the login page.

    Do you need a customisation that takes into account the specifics of your business, organisation or industry? We would be happy to implement this for you.

    1. Inform participants

    No matter which licence type you use, the first step is to inform your participants about the upcoming training. If you use our BASIC licence, it is best to include the link to the training room as well as the login data for your BASIC account (user name and password) with the information. We recommend that you set a deadline for participants to complete the training.

    2. Register participants (LMS licence only)

    If you use our LMS licence, the next step is to register your participants:

    We would be happy to provide you with a sample form for this purpose. As soon as participants are registered in the system, each user will automatically receive an invitation email with their personal access data and a link to the training room. When logging in for the first time, participants are prompted to change their password. The new password must be at least 8 characters long and contain letters and numbers. Attention: Participants can independently recover their access data by clicking “Forgot your password?” or “Forgot your user name?” on the login page.

    3. Conduct training

    Participants will need about 30 minutes on average to complete a training session.

    For LMS and SCORM licence types, participants can pause the training session at any time by closing the browser window or clicking on the coffee-cup icon in the upper right corner. The system remembers individual progress and resumes the training at the point where it was paused. With the BASIC licence, training sessions will always start from the beginning after it has been closed.

    With the LMS licence, passing a training is automatically logged in our system (“green traffic light”). However, we will not document how trainees have performed in individual exercises. Participants can basically only access their own learning status (course “not started”, “started” or “passed”). It is possible to authorize individual users to view the learning status of the entire group and export a report as an Excel file (coordinator right). Please let us know which company emplyees in your company should be provided with these extended access rights. With the BASIC licence, the learning status cannot be tracked.

    If you have technical questions, please feel free to send a support request via email to

    With the LMS licence, we process personal data of the participants in order to set up user accounts in our training platform and to enable individual logging of the learning status. For this purpose, we require at least the first name and surname as well as an email address (several users can be registered with one email address). If your training group is multilingual, we also need to know in which language users should be addressed on our learning platform and in our training courses.

    As you can see, data privacy is certainly relevant here, too. In our general course on data protection, you will learn that data processing is only lawful if it is allowed either by law or by consent.

    With regards to our eLearning, data processing can be justified by legal permission (Section 26 BDSG). In a modern working environment, a solid basic knowledge of data privacy and data security is a basic requirement for all employees. Training measures in this area are necessary in order to comply with the relevant laws, which is why the processing of the required employee data is lawful.

    Attention: Please involve your works council!

    For the BASIC and LMS licence types, we operate the technical infrastructure as your processor. Therefore, in addition to our General Terms and Conditions (GTC) the conclusion of a Data Processing Agreement (DPA) is required. Both documents can be downloaded as PDF files from the DSN GROUP website.

    The technical and organisational security measures described in this chapter are only relevant for you if you use our training platform (LMS licence) or our course portal (BASIC licence). If you have opted for the SCORM licence, please ask your IT or LMS provider about the security measures taken.

    1. Pseudonymisation

    Personal data is always pseudonymised, insofar as this is possible according to the intended use and does not require a disproportionate effort in relation to the intended protective purpose.

    2. Encryption

    The training platform can only be accessed via https-encryption. Administrative access to the server system is only possible from our company network.

    3. Confidentiality

    a) Physical Access

    Our eLearning system is operated in a professional data center in Bremen, which has up-to-date access protection.

    b) System Access

    Administrative access is secured with complex 20-digit passwords consisting of upper- and lower-case letters as well as numbers and special characters. User accounts are enforced with 8-digit passwords that must contain upper- and lower-case letters as well as numbers.

    c) Data Access

    Only our privacy train team has administrative access to the system.

    With the LMS licence, participants can only view their own learning status in the system. Coordinators also have access to the learning status of the entire group. With the BASIC licence, however, the learning status is not logged.

    d) Transfer

    All connections to privacy train are https-encrypted.

    e) Data Separation

    With the LMS licence, all licence holder receive an independent and isolated client (“own area”) in our system. This ensures that the user data of our customers does not get mixed up.

    4. Data Integrity (input control)

    The input, modification, and deletion of user data is automatically logged by our system.

    5. Availability

    a) Availability

    We make backup copies of the data at regular intervals. The servers are also located in an air-conditioned room and are equipped with an uninterruptible power supply and up-to-date virus protection.

    b) Control of processors

    privacy train is hosted by our subcontractor PLUTEX GmbH in a professional data center in Bremen (Germany), which is certified according to ISO 27001. We have signed a data processing agreement (DPA) with the service provider in accordance with Art. 28 DSGVO.

    6. Resilience of our systems

    Resilient systems (hardware and software) are used that can withstand the expected stresses in terms of storage, access, and line capacities.

    7. Review of measures

    The technical and organisational measures are reviewed on an ongoing basis and, if necessary, are constantly being updated to comply with the latest standards.

    This is why you should choose DSN GROUP as your partner!

    With DSN GROUP you have a competent partner in the fields of data protection, information security, and compliance.

    Our course content is developed by a team of lawyers, computer scientists, mathematicians, graphic designers, and eLearning authors. We can build on our many years of experience as a consulting firm and seminar provider. While our consultants focus on the content, our eLearning team understands how to convey the training material in a clear, interactive and practical way. Our many satisfied privacy train customers are a testament to our training methods. It works!

    Would you like to know more?
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